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Hiking Tents - All about Outdoor Tents

Most people make hikes that enable them to sleep in the comfort of their own homes at the end of the day. Others might hike from hostel to hostel or use a system of lodges and cabins to make multi-day hikes. On the other hand, a lot of people prefer to take their own tent and camp it out. In this section, we are going to look at all the different Types of Tents, their features, and how to select the perfect tent for your Hiking and Camping adventures. 

Tent Types - Tent Classifications Tent Types - Tent Classifications
Tents used in Outdoor Activities come in every imaginable size and shape making it hard to clearly define categories. In this section, learn about the different Types of Tents and Tent Structures and how Tents are commonly classified. 

Tent Characteristics Tent Characteristics
There are several Tent features that can greatly help you in distinguishing Tents from each other. Learn about all Tent Characteristics like Weight, Waterproofness, Shape, Durability, Ventilation, and many other Tent factors. 
Tent Materials & Tent Construction Tent Materials & Tent Construction
The main parts of any tent are the Tent Poles and the Tent Cover or Canvas. In this section, know the different materials used in poles and Tent Fabrics. Also, get familiar with Tent Construction and how poles and sheets are connected. 
Tent Buying Guide - How to Buy a Tent Tent Buying Guide - How to Buy a Tent
Good knowledge about the types and features of Tents and the way Tents can differ from one another are essential to be able to make a good choice. Learn what to look for when choosing a Tent perfect for your Outdoor Adventures. 

Camping is indeed an adventurous way of spending the night and it opens your eyes to the great outdoors at night. Use the Hiking Tent which meets your needs. Have a nice camping adventure! 
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