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Camping Checklist

Camping ChecklistHave you forgotten to bring an essential item again? Well, you shouldn't have if only you made a Camping Checklist prior to the trip. It is a list of the things that you should bring with you whenever you go Camping. You need it because it keeps you from forgetting things that you should have brought with you in the first place. 

A Camping Checklist can vary depending on the length of the Camping trip, size of the group, and your priorities. Take note that the weight of your load is an essential factor to consider, so make sure to bring only what you need in the camp. 

Here is a typical Camping Checklist: 

Sleeping Gear
Tools & Devices

So don't make an excuse that you have forgotten something in your house again. Make a checklist. Maybe next time, your partner would forget something else - nag you about forgetting stuff, that is. 
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